Gianni (Gianmatteo) De Luise was born in Udine, a small town in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in northeastern Italy, under the sign of Aquarius, in the second half of the twentieth century. Since he was a child he has shown a marked passion and sensitivity for music, listening to the radio in the family. Growing up, this passion intensified and led him to discover medium wave radio broadcasting. Among these, he fell in love with Radio Luxembourg, a station which broadcast on 208 meters and which could only be heard in the evening, with an intermittent signal. Only later did he learn that this phenomenon was due to “propagation”, ie the change in the height of the reflection of radio waves in the atmosphere during the night. Radio Luxembourg had legendary DJs such as Bob Stewart, Tony Prince, Kid Jensen and many others who became masters of radio culture and music for him. Gianni soon earned a reputation as an expert on rock music and as an expert on the discographies of various artists. He started collecting records and DJing at his and his friends’ birthday parties. Another radio model for Gianni was Herbert Pagani who from Radio Montecarlo and then from Radio Capodistria conducted a fantastic program entitled “Muratti Ambassador Show”.

Gianni’s first real contact with the radio was in 1970, when he was interviewed by Giancarlo Deganutti in a program of the Rai Regionale headquarters dedicated to the dissolution of the Beatles. The interview was then edited in the studio adding the selected pieces and broadcast from the regional headquarters for Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In September 1975 Gianni began to collaborate with the first private radio station in his city, Radio Friuli, where he created a program called “Help” dedicated to rock music. The program went on air until November 1976. The world of emerging Private Radios was very fertile and Gianni, together with a large group of colleagues, moved to a new station in the area called Canale 49. Here he created, together with Roberto Ferro, a program entitled “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll” dedicated to punk music. He also participated in an evening program called “Semaforo Azzurro” together with various radio colleagues.

In March 1980 Canale 49 changed ownership and a large group of conductors and DJs moved to a new emerging station called RDF – Radio Diffusioni Friulane. Gianni started a new afternoon program called Mela Verde during which he proposed the evolution of punk, that is the new wave characterized by the massive use of electronic instruments and danceable rhythms.

In 1983, in Udine, Mario Pinosa, a former colleague in the previous radios, together with some friends founded a new station, Radio Italia Network, which in a short time became the most important network in Italy dedicated first to dance music and then to house . During a casual meeting Mario invited Gianni, who had left RDF in the meantime, to collaborate in the new adventure. Gianni gladly accepted the new challenge and his first assignment was that of head of External Relations.

In 1991 the Radio was by then quite established and Mario Pinosa proposed to Gianni an experimental program to be broadcast in the evening, including news in foreign languages and mixes. After a few zero numbers to refine the clock and the balance of the program, the first transmission of Italia Network Satellite went on air on 17 June 1991, broadcast from 20 to 24. The program changed times several times, but always remaining in the evening hours, and name, becoming Network Satellite. The content has also changed. No more news broadcasts in foreign languages, but refined house music divided into colored zones to underline the different emotional sensations. The mixes, called Mastermixes, were greatly emphasized, with the presence of top national and international DJs. The program also featured reggae music with a space dedicated to Crucial Robbie and acid jazz with a space called Blue Satellite. Gianni finished running the program on January 12, 1996 when Italia Network moved its headquarters to Bologna and he was not confirmed.

A few difficult years followed in which Gianni had to fight against major health problems, fortunately resolved. In this period he continued to stay updated on music, with small radio collaborations and house record productions together with the well-known DJ and Producer Paolo Barbato.

Ten years later, when the Radio Italia Network adventure had also ended with its shutdown, Gianni was called to collaborate with RIN Digital, the streaming version of the defunct Network, by the new Program Director Alex Benedetti. Exactly ten years after the end of the first edition of Network Satellite, in January 2006, Gianni started broadcasting his program again, no longer in FM but in streaming. The duration was two hours and was broadcast every day from 20 to 22 and, in reruns from 5 to 7 CET. Unfortunately, the RIN Digital Project did not last long and ended in September 2006 due to a radical change in the ownership structure.

From September 15th 2007 to May 31st 2008 Gianni produced a new version of his program called “Satellite by Gianni De Luise” aired in FM on Tam Tam Network frequencies and almost simultaneously, always in FM, on RC International.

On January 6, 2009 Gianni started a new radio adventure, this time entirely in streaming, together with one of the pillars of Radio Italia Network, Michael Hammer. The name of the new project, a true spin-off of Italia Network, was called InMyRadio and after having evolved into individual channels dedicated to individual programmes, it is still active and gaining much acclaim.

In the night between January 31st and February 1st 2011, exactly at 00:00, Gianni De Luise, hosted by Espana Network broadcast the first episode in the Spanish version of his program, broadcast from Sunday to Thursday from midnight to 2 :00. The Espana Network Project, unfortunately, ended at the end of May 2013.

From March 2014 to March 2015 Network Satellite aired on FM on RC International. A new radio adventure in Spain saw the program created by Gianni de Luise hosted on Mallorca FM from December 2014 to May 2015. From December 2014 to December 2015 the program was broadcast on FM on Radio Stereocittà and Radio Number One Dance.

Since September 15th 2019 Gianni has collaborated with Ritmo80 in FM and the collaboration is still active. On March 8, 2020, the story of Gianni De Luise and that of his Network Satellite crossed again with Alex Michieli and his Progetto FM Italiana Mallorca. This project unfortunately ended at the end of 2022. From March 14th to May 20th 2020 Network Satellite made a short appearance on Energy FM. From 14 March 2020 Gianni De Luise and his Network Satellite are hosted on RMA Salerno, radio in DAB. Since December 2021 Gianni has started producing a special version of Network Satellite presented for Radio Spazio 103. This version, formed by a weekly broadcast, is rebroadcast by Zoner Underground Network, ZUN in DAB, in the Czech Republic, by RMA Altri Suoni Salerno, in DAB and from Radio Music For Peace and Radio Londra Italia in streaming. Of course, the InMyRadio/Network Satellite streaming channel is always active.

Music, for Gianni, is the perfect way to communicate without needing to know other languages. Music speaks directly to your mind, body and soul, as even the lyrics of a beautiful song say. Music does not see skin colour, age, religion or political orientation. Music is pure love and emotion. Music brings us close to Paradise. Music cancels distances and makes us feel close and, sometimes, as happened to Gianni, saves lives.

Edition updated on May 11, 2023.

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